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According to Open Sea, over 80 percent of the free NFT mints uploaded on the platform were plagiarized, spam or fake.

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Beware of fraudulent NFTs: They can harm your business in multiple ways.

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What type of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can Lawyerd! protect?©️
Any digital asset converted into an NFT can be protected. It could be a digital painting, a legal contract, a meme, or a music video, and the possibilities are unlimited.
Do I need a brand protection solution in Web3 even though my company has not minted NFTs yet? πŸ€”β“
All big brands already have lots of violations in Web3 space thanks to scammers.
We strongly recommend to monitor and delete fakes and counterfeit items even if you do not launched your NFTs yet.
How long does it take to remove an infringing NFT?βœ…πŸ•’
After a DMCA reequest is sent, the marketplace or image host are given reasonable time to respond and take the infringing NFT down.
On average, it takes anywhere between 3 days to 1 week.
On which marketplaces do you provide Web3 brand protection?πŸ›‘οΈ
We are a Rarible protocol company so the very first marketplace on which we will delete violations for you is Rarible.
We also connected our API with other big marketplaces like Opensea, SuperRare, Binance, and Coinbase, so you will be protected pretty everywhere.
Why Lawyerd! For NFT Brand Protection?🎯
Stay informed with real-time updates on copyright infringement and phishing attacks.
Protect your online presence with our integrations to top NFT marketplaces.
Automatically remove infringing content based on your own policies.
Monitor NFTs, social media accounts, domains, and e-commerce reports all in one convenient platform.
Which blockchain aggregator do you use in blockchain brand protection?πŸ”‘
We use a Ternoa blockchain protocol to store your NFTs and digital works safely.
You could check our public collection on Secret Stash.
Is it worth doing NFT brand protection?πŸ€”β“
Under the latest research, NFT brands lose more than 15% of revenue because of the Web3 scams.
If you are a big brand without NFTs launched it is still worth it to protect your reputation and brand trust in Web3.
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