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The founders

As passionate lawyers and savvy tech entrepreneurs with over 10 years of IP protection experience, we believe that creative minds deserve to retain what is theirs – undisrupted and uncorrupted by the digital copycat thieves of today’s world.

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We created the multi-tool based on Ternoa blockchain protocol for intellectual property rights protection, which will cover all your needs:

We help you to certify and store your products.

We help you to detect violations.

We help eliminate scammers.

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Frequently asked questions

How to start using Lawyerd!?
Sign up by filling in the required details. Choose a Protection Plan and proceed with the payment. Yes! It’s that easy.
What type of intellectual property can Lawyerd! protect?
We defend any property you own the copyright to, including trademarks, photos, videos, music, NFTs, texts, games, software, ССс.
How long does it take to remove an intellectual infringement?
The time it takes to remove an intellectual infringement depends on how promptly the third-party infringer responds. On average, it takes anywhere between one day to seven days from the time a complaint is filed until the infringement is removed.
What information is needed to file a complaint?
Typically, we require information about the copyright owner, proof of IP ownership, and a link to the potential offending resource.
Contact us for further queries, if any.