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Brand protection solution for Business

Automated copyright protection has never been this simple.


    Certify your products with Lawyerd! and store them safely in our blockchain-connected platform. We are a company that provides brand protection solutions for any type of copyright to be registered.

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    Our system provides online monitoring 24/7 to find misuse of your work online. Our automated online brand protection platform will find any type of your work/brand misuse on different marketplaces and separate sites globally.

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    Lawyerd! will take the liberty of deleting any infringements online, providing you with a full report. Our online protection and control system will eliminate violations and get back brand trust, reputation and brand revenue to your company.

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IP Protection
For Startups

Being a new enterprise in today’s world is hard enough as it is, without predators taking advantage of your vulnerable position. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to protect your startup idea and create a protection strategy. No matter the type of intellectual property at hand, you are only $20 from fast, cheap brand protection for startups. No lawyers, no waiting, no-nonsense.


For NFT Projects
We detect fake NFTs globally.

We protect our clients' collections on all NFT marketplaces, such as Rarible, Opensea, Binance, and SuperRare. Even if you do not have any official collection our automated brand protection agency will help you to delete any scammer who acts on your behalf.
We defend the mint day of new collections and delete scammers minting site copies immediately.


Artists & Creators

Don’t let anyone steal your artwork, designs, or original music. We can help you register your rights – quickly, easily, and affordably. If anyone infringes on your copyright online, our automated brand protection service provider can find and delete every instance of violation.


Your Brand. Your Rules. Your Revenue.

Why You Need Brand Protection Provider

Π‘atch scammers and infringers who are misusing your products online. Ask any of our partners, and they will tell you the same thing – preventing intellectual property theft is not an expense. It’s an investment into reclaiming what’s rightfully yours.

times cheaper

than any practicing lawyer, who protects your intellectual property

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than regular services provided by lawyers


What it takes to file a trademark or copyright complaint on average

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How to start using brand protection solutions? πŸ€”
Sign up by filling in the required details. Choose a Protection Plan and proceed with the payment. Yes! It’s that easy.
What type of intellectual property online brand protection company can protect?πŸ›‘οΈΒ©οΈ
We defend any property you own the copyright to, including, photos, videos, music, NFTs, texts, games, software, etc. Also, our solution provides automated trademark brand protection.
In which jurisdiction does your company protect rights?🌍
Our automated brand protection system works on your reputation in 29 countries globally (US, UK, and EU countries) Our copyright certificates are valid in 181 countries all over the world.
How long does it take to remove an intellectual infringement for an enterprise?βœ…πŸ•’
The time it takes to remove an intellectual infringement depends on how promptly the third-party infringer responds. On average, it takes anywhere between one day to seven days from the time a complaint is filed until the infringement is removed.
What information is needed to file a complaint?πŸ€”
Typically, we require information about the copyright owner, proof of IP ownership, and a link to the potential offending resource. Contact us for further queries, if any.
Why do you need to choose Lawyerd!? πŸ‘
Super simple answer. You will save your money, and time and get the best possible level of services without any boring manual legal processes and agency fees. And of course, we are the very first company that provides brand protection solutions in Web3. πŸ†
How to increase brand trust and enhance reputation?πŸ€”
Global brands are attacking every competitor or violator who would like to use their unique designs and get part of their money cake. Big market players reinvest money in brand protection and earn more in the next operation periods. The best possible way proactively protects your brand is via three main steps:
Rights certification;
Violations monitoring;
Violations elimination online.
Why do you need to protect your brand proactively?🎯
Since 9 out of 10 violations happen online and 70% of them are not detected, it is time for companies to be proactive in brand protection. Annually, different brands all over the world lose 15% of their revenue because of violations of intellectual property rights. The reality is difficult but if you do not protect your rights your competitors and violators will try to copy your unique products and eat your revenue stream. To grow a successful business you need to protect your rights online.
Why you need to protect your brand online in Web3?🌐
Even if you are not in Web3 yet, you need to protect your brand reputation and brand trust from scammers that mislead your customers on your behalf.
With which marketplaces does your brand protection solution work?πŸ€”
Our brand protection solution works with all big marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and others in Web2 and we are a Rarible protocol company that creates opportunities for direct integration to the biggest marketplace in Web3. We also work with Opensea, SuperRare, Mintable, and others.
Which companies are supporting you?🏒
We are Techstars company with a wide range of honorable partners like Rarible, Accenture, Cloudflare, Temple University, University of Turin, Ternoa, Lander&Rogers, The Blox Hague Institute for Innovation of Law, Plarium, Concordia design, Torino City Lab, and Quickload.