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Automated copyright protection has never been this simple.
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Certify your products with Lawyerd! and store them safely in the Blockchain.



Our system scours the web 24/7 to find misuse of your work online



Lawyerd! will take the liberty of deleting any infringements online, providing you with a full report.
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Being a startup in today’s world is hard enough as it is, without predators taking advantage of your vulnerable position. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to protect your startup idea. No matter the type of intellectual property at hand, you are only $20 from fast, cheap copyright protection for startups. No lawyers, no waiting, no nonsense.


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NFT Projects

As NFTs grow in popularity, so does NFT fraud. In fact, according to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, DeviantArt – a single platform – flagged more than 90,000 potential fake NFTS in three months alone. Thankfully, protecting your NFTs from scammers has never been this simple. Beat NFT scammers at their own game with our unique product, MintPRO, created in partnership with Rarible. Find out which minting sites are original, and which aren’t. This solution is 100% free.


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Artists & Individual Creators

Don’t let anyone steal your artwork, designs, or original music. We can help you register your rights – quickly, easily, and affordably. If anyone infringes on your copyright online, our system can find and delete every instance of violation.


Your Brand. Your Rules. Your Revenue.

Why You Need to Protect Your Intellectual Property

In an ideal world, no one would steal. But alas, our world is far from ideal. Intellectual property theft (IP theft) costs U.S companies hundreds of billions a year. With Lawyerd!, it’s never been easier to protect your copyright online.
With an active Lawyerd! subscription, you’ll be notified the moment anyone infringes on your copyright.
As experienced startup copyright protection specialists, we have engineered our system to find and eliminate violations before they impact your business.
In today’s world, an intellectual property protection system like this isn’t optional. If you run a business, it’s essential.

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Find Out Who is Making Money With Your IP

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Use our unique parsing system to catch scammers and infringers who are misusing your products online. Ask any of our partners, and they will tell you the same thing – preventing intellectual property theft is not an expense. It’s an investment into reclaiming what’s rightfully yours.

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About Lawyerd!

The Future of Intellectual Property Protection

We are a deeply motivated team of Ukrainians on a mission to make the world a little bit better in our own way through automated copyright protection. As passionate lawyers and savvy tech entrepreneurs, we believe that creative minds deserve to retain what is theirs – undisrupted and uncorrupted by the digital copycat thieves of today’s world.

Small Startups. Large Empires.
No Company is Too Big or Small for Lawyerd! to Defend.

Protect Your Intellectual Property From Theft

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Choose your package today. Protect what’s yours tomorrow.


All the basics to initiate your copyright protection journey as a startup

  • 1x Certificate
  • Unlock detailed claims insights
  • Access database of IP related information
  • Adding a protection badge to your website pages

DIY Copyright

Perfect for creative solopreneurs and small teams

  • 10 IP infringement alerts
    + 2 Certificates Monthly
  • Unlock detailed claims insights in your personal account
  • Support with filing info needed to fight infringements
  • Adding a protection badge to your website pages

Lawyers Onboard

Designed for in-house lawyers and firms

  • UNLIMITED IP infringement alerts
    + 10 Certificates Monthly
  • Unlock detailed claims insights in your personal account
  • Further communication with authorized persons
  • 2 hours of consultation with a Lawyerd! Specialist.
  • Monthly Reports
  • Adding a protection badge to your website pages

No Stone Unturned

Comprehensive IP protection services for large companies

  • UNLIMITED IP infringement alerts
    + 15 Certificates Monthly
  • Unlock detailed penalty insights in your personal account
  • Further communication with authorized persons
  • 15 hours of consultation with a Lawyerd! Specialist.
  • Support services to remove infringements on your intellectual property·
  • Easy deleting services
  • Daily product monitoring
  • Adding a protection badge to your website pages

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Frequently asked questions

How to start using Lawyerd!?
To use Lawyerd! you need to go through general registration and enter the required information in the "Company/Personal Information" column. It is also important to choose the tariff plan you are interested in.
After payment for our services, you can certify your works and delete infringing resources online.
What objects of intellectual property can you protect?
We protect logos, images, videos, music, NFTs, texts, games, software, and other objects of which you are the copyright holder.
How quickly is the process of blocking resources infringing intellectual property rights?
It depends on how quickly the authorized person reacts.
On average, 1 hour - 7 days pass from the moment of filing a complaint to the moment of blocking.
What information is needed to file a complaint?
We ask you to provide information about the copyright holder and the authorized person. Also, provide a link to the offending resource. You can contact us for clarification.
How could I purchase the service or get a discount promo code?
Contact us via the form, or write to us by mail. We will contact you within 5 minutes.

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