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How automatization of IP lawyer workflow could help Law firms increase the number of clients and decrease the workload?

22th Mar 2023
  • 200+
    hours saved in 2022
  • $3m+
    Saved money
  • 15%
    workload decreased

“The everyday working routine of an intellectual property lawyer is a compilation of several day-by-day repeated actions.
One thing that such actions are time-consuming and costly in terms of billing but another one is that they lead you to creative burnout.” - Valerio Capasso, IP Attorney at law - Founder at Toro Legal Hub highlighted.

TOROlegal - is an Italy-based legal services hub specializing in Intellectual and Industrial Property, Digital, and New Technologies digital brand pro tection.

IP lawyers everyday spend hours fulfilling templates of the complaints, searching for the right jurisdiction, creating evidence of infringements, and communicating with hosting providers and platform agents. 

So, actually, IP lawyers spend the biggest part of the day in preparation before real legal actions started.

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How TOROlegal is optimizing workload and increasing KPIs?

“As a neo legal hub, we are connecting technology with best legal practices to provide the best possible result for our clients.

We are optimizing our workload inside the company by using different tools in task management, legal optimization, and communication with a wide range of entities.

Such activities help us to serve all our clients in a fast and efficient way and at the same time do not overcharge them with additional payments. 
Automated tools provide an opportunity for us to provide services 24/7 and not burn out because of sleepless nights.”  - Valerio said.

What is the best tool for workload decrease in IP Law boutique?

This tool has to be helpful and effective in undertaking repeatable legal routine actions that could be done without human being involvement in online protection for software & technology brands. 

In our activity, we use Lawyerd! as a solution that helps us to get rid of legal routines and concentrate on unique cases with a high level of lawyer attention indeed.

Lawyerd! is a platform via which we manage all IP objects of our clients, creating legal evidence of infringements, storing a bulk database of legal templates, and finding, controlling, and eliminating violations online without any mistakes or typos.

An easy and quick solution that could be helpful for every IP lawyer.

“I am really a tech-oriented person who believe that automated solution will help the legal industry to evolve and provide new-era services for clients.  Lawyerd! is a good example of how one tool could change processes in the whole law firm”
Valerio Capasso, IP Attorney at law - Founder at Toro Legal Hub

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