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How startup protection helps young entrepreneurs to grow successful and scalable business

25th Mar 2023
  • 60+
    startups launched globally
  • $100m+
    total valuation
  • 10+

“Intellectual property is one of the most important parts of a growing company. 
Successful startups protect their innovations safely.
Such unfair advantages help companies grow fast” - Martin Olczyk, Managing Director at Techstars highlighted.

Techstars is a Top-1 accelerator globally. They’re investing in more than 500 companies per year and supporting entrepreneurs in every corner of the world with over 10,000 mentors and corporate partners.

Every year in our program in Torino we run 10 promising startups.
One part of our acceleration program is focused on legal support and protection of companies' innovations.

We are doing our best to protect companies from our batches before they start their own journey in a real-world environment.

IP protection in the early stages helps startups to be innovative on the market and look more solid in conversations with potential investors.

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How Techstars help promising startups to be protected?

“Usually we encourage companies to protect their trademark, unique logo, and of course tech part of the solution.

We recommend using the most effective ways of rights protection which will not be extremely difficult in applying and will be price effective.

For example, we recommend the WIPO Madrid system for TM protection, and commercial design registration instead of difficult patent filings. 

You also need to use automated or semi-automated solutions for rights protection”  - Martin said.

What is the best way for you to protect new company?

The main problem is that companies do not pay enough attention to intellectual property rights protection from the very beginning and start thinking about it only when issues arise.

We are really proud that one of our alumni is one of the best brand protection company which helps growing companies to protect their intellectual property rights from day 0.

Lawyerd! is a brand protection service that provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to create trusted digital evidence of IP object creation and information storage on their blockchain-connected platform safely.

After this simple step, they can eliminate any unfair competitor or rights violator from the Internet without any additional communication with lawyers, directly from the Lawyerd platform

“It is essential to keep your rights safely protected and start doing it right now. Time is flying, you will not understand when your company will have 5 years of successful activity on the market ”
Martin Olczyk, Managing Director at Techstars

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