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Tackling Rarible’s key brand protection issues on the marketplace

12th Mar 2023
  • 17800+
    marketplace listings enforced across 22 platforms and 8,400 sellers
  • $52m+
    value of stock removed
  • 96%
    compliance on marketplaces

“Web3 scams are a common thing in a growing community right now.
Thousands of Web2 brands and new Web3 enterprises launched NFTs in 2022 and there will be more than 30% increase of newcomers in 2023.” - Roman Prokhorenko, Rarible Growth lead said.

Of course lots of scammers want to get peace of this cake and mislead new NFT buyers.
The best possible way for scammers to do it is to use famous NFT marketplaces  like Rarible, Opensea, SuperRare and others to attract someone. 

Rarible - is the most popular NFT marketplace globally, which is operating all over the world and has a large audience of big brands on board.

So, scammers usually create the exact copy of the official NFT on the platforms and wait for someone to buy it and at the same time spamming in Discord to attract a bigger audience of interested people.

rarible content

How Rarible is protecting their clients from scammers?

“As a highly responsible for clients protection company Rarible has the internal protocol for scam protection via which they scroll the new NFTs arising on the platform and delete visible scam.

At the same time we encourage the brands and collection owners for proactive product protection from their end. 

The best result of protection is usually reachable via proactive product protection from owner side with additional Rarible check.”  - Roman said.

What is the best way for brand protection for Web3?

The NFT brand protection is repeatable actions which are really difficult to undertake by traditional human activity. 
You need to scroll the marketplaces everyday, communicate with different platforms deleting violations day by day. 
It is a whack-a-mole game.

To do it effectively brands usually use automatic solutions for finding and NFT infringement takedown on marketplaces.

One good example which I highly recommend is a Lawyerd! company.
This is a Rarible protocol company so we are confident in what they are doing.

To use their platform you need to provide the information of brands' official NFT collections or the key words/images via which brand wants to search and delete scams. The same structure is fittable for crypto brand protection.

Everything else on the Lawyerd!s shoulders, solution automatically search violations via API connections, create the fittable template of the complaints and send a completed complaint to the responsible person in the marketplace.

This is the easiest and the most effective way to brand protection from scam right now.

“ I personally believe in brand protection in Web3, such activity will make the community safer and more mature. Automated solutions like Lawyerd! will be the key for rights protection and elimination of scammers in Web3.” 
Roman Prokhorenko, Rarible Growth lead

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