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How Lawyerd! helped the most popular MMORPG game - Raid Shadow Legends to get donations back and enhance the game community.

18th Mar 2023
  • 20000+
    Infringing resources were deleted
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“The day after the game become popular usually will be a day when people and different organizations will try to find ways how to get illegal benefits from the game.” - Serhii Bilous, Plarium IP brand protection specialist said.

Plarium is a global leader in developing games with more than 400M users worldwide. 
The most famous games are Raid Shadow Legends, Vikings, and Mech Arena.

The Brand protection department in Plarium is strongly connected with the Customer support department and is doing its best to react operatively to any types of violations highlighted by the game community. 

The first task for the Brand protection department is to keep the Plarium game community in a safe and protected environment eliminating hacking tools, impersonators, scammers, and fishing resources and undertaking actions for revenue protection inside our games.

raid content

Which violations usually happened and how Plarium handle with them?

“We experienced different types of violations in our games.
Most violations are oriented toward our customers who could be scammed if not undertake preventive actions.

Infringing sites get game account credentials via fake promotion of cheap intro game products, scammers get information about bank data of clients via fake donation pages, and phishing resources use the personal data of our players.

We also faced different hacking tools that players implemented in the game and which provide unfair advantages and ruin the gaming community.

We are a product company that creates thousand of different intellectual property objects every day, we need to certify them and keep them safe.

Of course, because of lots of companies willing to use our unique content, we deleted lots of fake partnership mentions, logo and trademark misuse, and unauthorized unique content use by other gaming projects.

To handle intellectual property protection issues globally we created several in-house politics and did our best to react to violations and eliminate them on time.

Such violations created a huge workload for our department, so it is vital for us to find a way how to handle with workload and not lose efficiency. 

From our perspective best way is to use technology as a basis for violation certification, detection, and elimination.”  - Serhii said.

What is the most efficient way to certify, store, and protect GameDev company IP objects?

We use Lawyerd! tool for international brand protection.

First of all, we use Lawyerd! IP creation tool to certify all IP objects that we created on a day-by-day basis. Lawyerd! system creates trusted digital evidence of content creation using time stamps based on Ternoa blockchain technology.

After certification, we use an automated search engine with images and keywords to find out violations on different sites, marketplaces, and social media platforms.

And finally, we eliminate violations by taking down thousands of violations every year.

Lawyerd! solution provides us an opportunity to protect Plarium IP rights and the game community using limited resources with a high level of efficiency.

“Lawyerd! helps us to achieve our department goals, keep the game community safe and protect Plariums IP rights without spending a fortune on outsourcing agencies, doing it in a super fast way 24/7.”
Serhii Bilous, Plarium IP brand protection specialist

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