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How fake advertising on Pinterest and Etsy help unfair competitors stole your clients

28th Mar 2023
  • 20000+
    fake items deleted on pinterest and etsy
  • $2m+
    value of stock removed
  • 10+
    competitors advertising campaign blocked on Google

“Fashion industry is highly competitive right now, especially in online selling sector.
Lots of companies really into using competitors unique product design, collection images and visualisation to attract possible clients to their sites. Usually unfair competitors do it via Pinterest ” - LeBeautiful CEO, Davon Griffith said.

LE’BEAUTIFUL is a US based, global high fashion and lifestyle e-tailer brand, making beautiful and sexy fashion accessible to all.

Sharing visualisation of the ideas and favorite clothes on Pinterest is a common thing right now. People try to find new designs and interesting collections scrolling Pinterest or stealing friends pins.

Of course Pinterest became a new important place to promote your brand.
But what if unfair competitors want to attract people for their brand and use your brand images? Yes, big problem starts right here!

lebeautiful content

How LeBeautiful is protecting product images from unfair competitors?

“Proactive rights protection is a key in this issue. We are monitoring violations on Pinterest and other platforms and deleting fake items, collections and pins on Pinterest. 
We are also stopping advertising on Google and other platforms where unfair competitors use our unique content.

In the same moment we are take down any sites and items on eBay, Amazon and Etsy that use our images, photos, logo, brand name, etc. 
You need to protect your brand 24/7 on all big platforms.”  - Davon said.

What is the best way for you to protect your brand?

Controlling every step of your competitors is really difficult to do. 
And it is even harder to do it without any automatisation via human being online investigations.
To be frank, this is only one step, because after detection you still need to stop unlawful activity and take down infringing resources.
Thousands of hours in communication with lawyers and bills for thousands is another part of cooperation with traditional lawyers.

You need something that will automatically search for violations and take down them immediately.

I love Lawyerd! and how they help in handling this problem.
I think this is the best brand protection service globally

To use their platform you need to provide the information of the key words/images via which you want to search violations and after you could delete detected resources fully automatically. 

Lawyerd! is sending take down notices to hosting providers and authorized agents and eliminate unfair competitors out of Internet.

This is the easiest and the most effective way to fashion brand protection right now.

“Guys from Lawyerd! makes the process of handling our IP issues way more easier. This new approach to product protection helps us to not ruin inside company processes and at the same time protect our rights efficiently without bulk bills on lawyers services.
I find Lawyerd! support helpful also in terms of advice in the IP protection field, they are really customer oriented.”
LeBeautiful CEO, Davon Griffith

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