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Your commercial design is your weapon against unfair competition

7th Mar 2023
  • 800+
    Pages and groups deleted on
    Facebook and Instagram
  • 100+
    sites takedowns
  • 58
    new clients and partners achieved

“If you are the retail company with unique features of your products you need to protect your IP safely on the Internet” - Serhii Factulaev, EVA Dywaniki CEO said.

EVA Dywaniki (EVA) - is EU based company which provides services in creating unique car mats from evoluatiating material - Ethylene vinyl acetate

EVA was founded in 2015 and since that time has been working on company success and product awareness in the EU region.

Because of fast success, lots of companies started parasitizing on brand names and started acting on behalf of EVA, moreover use EVA’s unique commercial designs.

Hundreds of sites and items on different platforms like eBay and Amazon start to counterfeit their unique products and sell low-quality products for possible customers.

It is so easy to sell with Internet technology but also a big danger of being copied.
So, you need to protect your commercial designs ASAP.

eva content

How EVA is protecting product design from unfair competitors?

“We are working with several directions of rights protection in the same time.

First of all, we are trying to prevent any possible violations of our rights and inform our competitors from using our unique content, brand name and commercial designs.

Secondly, we usually searching for any type of violation and monitoring different infringements, after that we are working on violations eliminations.

What we are additionally doing super actively is brand protection on Amazon, eBay and Etsy and social media brand protection.

Finally, we also excluding unfair competitors from Google search engine and doing Google Adwords brand protection” - Serhii said.

What is the best way for you to protect your brand?

What is really difficult is controlling every step of your counterparty and prevent them from unlawful activity.
We searched for solution that automatically searches for violations and take down violations immediately.

Lawyerd! makes the process of IP rights protection for EVA easier and cheaper.
EVA protects visual components with Lawyerd! system, creates the database of IP objects inside the system, searches for violations with Lawyerd! search engine and automatically delete them in any jurisdiction via clicking on the “submit” button.
And it cost them 28 times cheaper than traditional lawyers services.

“In the competition-driven market like ours it is crucial to maintain competitive advantage by having intellectual property. Experts from Lawyerd! helped us numerous times to protect our IP thus helping us to continue our rapid expansion and growth.”
Serhii Factulaev, EVA Dywaniki CEO

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