From the primitive man to the man in the tie, there was a process of creating various objects of intellectual property, for the purpose of improving life and general development. Horsepower was replaced by a steam engine, which was replaced by a more powerful internal combustion engine, and it, in turn, was replaced by environmentally friendly systems (using renewable energy). The world was changing, only one thing remained unchanged, from century to century, the authors tried to protect their rights to a unique invention or work. How was the protection made?  

In ancient Greece and Rome, social leverage was used to identify the violation of authorship and consider it in high society reprehensible and unacceptable. With the development of legislation in general, an understanding of copyright also developed. The first written copyright settlement rules arose in the UK in 1710, after the entry into force of the Queen Anne Statute. For the first time, the Statute protected the rights of authors and publishers to authorship and further restriction of unauthorized using. From this moment, the European stage of the development of copyright legislation began. In France in 1791 and 1793 legislation was formed on the legal protection of writers and artists, which for a long time was a model for most countries.  

In view of the understanding of the introduction of extraterritorial principles for the best implementation of protection, in 1886 an international copyright protection system, the Berne Convention was introduced. For a long period of time, the Berne Convention and various patent tools made it possible to protect copyright quite well. Until a certain point, the moment of the appearance of the Internet. The Internet has opened a whole new world for humanity with many opportunities and ways to realize them. The Internet allowed the exchange of huge amounts of information without the intervention of third parties and this was the beginning of a widespread violation of copyright. The Berne Convention could not cope. New objects, methods and types of violations required the updating of legislation and approaches to protection. As a result, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Directive 2001/29 / EC, unique in nature, were issued. The legislator clearly highlighted the moment of occurrence of violations, subjects of violations and limitation of liability for violations due to the prevention of the possibility of filtering / censorship of content on the Internet.  

Now, in an era when brands are much more expensive than any tangible assets and when the reputation of a public company can fall from the slightest violation and lead to its collapse, while information is distributed in a matter of seconds on the Internet, copyright protection becomes an essential element of any product’s well-being business.  

Examples from the GameDev industry, which suffers from copyright infringement. The gaming corporation Valve LLC, which developed the cult game Half Life, developed the continuation of the legendary game in the form of Half Life 2 for six years and spent over forty million dollars on development for this, but the game was spread very quickly unauthorized, as a result of which the company suffered significant losses. According to published data from the FBI, the damage was estimated at $ 250,000,000. Similar situations arose for authors of landmark games, for example, NWC (Heroes) or Interplay (Fallout), which suffered no less significant losses. The fact that trade secrets can be violated and information prone to leak it is impossible to fight while there is a human factor in the process of developing and storing the source data. However, companies incurred significantly smaller losses if they knew how to deal with intruders on the Internet and remove prohibited material as quickly as possible.  


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