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Copyright protection
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The system automatically fulfill the complaint template

The system automatically adds right holder documentation



The system automatically finds out responsible for content hosting bodies

The system automatically finds out means of communication



The system automatically adds evidence of infringement

The system automatically makes the report and collects information about the particular case

Automated service

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Our service works 24/7 and can help you with any scope of workload due to complete automation. It ensures that your intellectual property rights are protected from unauthorized use on the Internet.

You will get the most out of your online income stream. The service itself finds and removes any content infringing the copyright.


28 times cheaper than any practicing lawyer, who protects your intellectual property


Seconds takes per complaint on average


7 times faster than regular services provided by lawyers

Trial version


Get the opportunity to file up to 5 complaints of intellectual property
infringement and get access to information about the claims in your
personal profile



Humanity is developing, every day new products and services have created the world, in connection with these processes, the value of originality and novelty is increasing more and more, which makes it possible for one product to differ from another and to present its competitive advantages more clearly. However, the number of intellectual infringements also increasing in these conditions. Annual losses from piracy for different business categories ranging from 20% to 35% of net profit loss.

So, why we are here? Lawyerd! helps businesses and individuals protect their intellectual property rights, save and multiply online revenue streams. We simplify the process of IP protection, so our clients only have to specify information about the rightsholder and product, system automatically provides full protection on the Internet you even do not have to think about it. Create the best version of your product and leave the rest to us.


Suitable for defending new business.
Suitable for defending big fish`s products

Choose the one that suits you


Do it yourself

For creative individuals and small teams

  1. 10 complaint for IP infringement
  2. Access for information about claims in personal profile
  3. Help in the process of filling the necessary information for sending complaint


Lawyers support regime

For in-house lawyers or Law firm which provides services for the rightsholders

  1. Unlimited complaints
  2. Monthly report
  3. Access for information about claims in personal profile
  4. Further communication with authorized persons


Full product Protection

Full IP protection services

  1. Everyday products monitoring
  2. Unlimited complaints
  3. Further communication with authorized persons
  4. Services for removing any kind of infringement of intellectual property rights on the Internet
  5. Access for information about claims in personal profile
  6. Unique deleting services

Frequently asked

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To use Lawyerd! you need to go through general registration and enter the required information in the "Company Information" column. After that, you must indicate the name of the product and a document confirming your rights to the TM. It is also important to choose the tariff plan you are interested in. As soon as we check the information provided by you for compliance with the formal requirements, we will contact you using the communication channels you specified.

Contact us via the form, write to us by mail or Telegram. We will contact you within 5 minutes.

It depends on how quickly the authorized person answers. On average, 1-5 days pass from the moment of filing a complaint to the moment of blocking.

We protect logos, images, videos, music, texts, games, software, and other objects of which you are the copyright holder.

We ask you to provide information about the copyright holder and the authorized person. Also, provide a link to the offending resource. You can contact us for clarification.