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Protect your batch startups inside accelerator and secure their future success.

10th Mar 2023
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    IP objects storing inside blockchain-based IP protection system

“We invest in the most promising startups in Web3.
Our aim is to create mature companies from promising early-stage startups.
We need to protect them on this road to success” - Ben Constanty, The Blox CEO said.

The Blox is the most innovative startup accelerator worldwide for ventures from Web3 and FinTech spaces.

In the process of acceleration, The Blox does its best to secure batch companies from any intellectual property-related issues and protect their investors from unexpected problems with startups that they grow.

The Blox is using smart tools to keep our startups protected in terms of intellectual property and rely on modern solutions for startups' right protection.

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How The Blox protect their startups?

“We are trying to manage separately all different types of our startups' intellectual property objects and certify them accordingly to particular law requirements.

We are using different tools for managing IP objects, certify them and protect all over the world to provide best possible experience in brand protection for Web3.

We are trying to protect companies' rights from the very beginning and store them safely with the support of decentralized systems. 

We highlight the importance of rights protection for all our startups and help them with recommendations, legal assistance, and registration of rights directly ”  - Ben said.

What is the best way to protect companies from your portfolio?

First thing first, we are gathering all the created objects of intellectual property rights from all the startups and storing them in one place which helps us to search and handle them in a fast way.

The next step is to certify rights on the created IP objects.
In our day-to-day activity, we use Lawyerd solution which is our official partner and portfolio company at the same time to certify rights on our startups' objects using nft brand protection technology.

Lawyerd! system creates legally approved certificates on copyright content and at the same time mints the unique NFT for every object in the Ternoa blockchain.
The information on created content will be publicly available forever.
Blockchain brand protection is one of the most important directions right now in the startups world.

After certification, we can protect our startups directly from Lawyerd! platform, deleting scams, unfair competitors, and counterfeiters from the Internet.

“We strongly recommend all accelerators keep their companies protected.  No one will do it better than the accelerator which really interested in company success”
Ben Constanty, The Blox CEO

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